January 22, 2020
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Winter Car Care

Winter keeps on coming. It’s time for preventative winter car care maintenance. It’s better to discover issues with your car now, rather than while on the road dealing with snow & ice. We have some suggestions for you. Winter Car Care Winter tires You will have heard this many times but it really is important and well worth the time/money to switch. Winter tires offer about 50 % more traction than all-seasons.  If they avoid just one fender bender think of the time and cost saved plus no insurance claim. On top of that, the air pressure in all four tires should be checked because, during winter, the pressure in tires can drop significantly due to the cold air. Re-check this a few times throughout the winter months. Wiper blades Driving visibility is always key to avoiding accidents and especially more in winter driving. That’s why wiper blades should be […]
December 6, 2019
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Long Live The New Engine

The Engine is Dead…Long live the New Engine! My high school buddy Paul Sullivan lovingly restored a Volkswagen camper bus from 1964. He entered it in his first show and won a prize. I was immensely happy for him. Well, he wrote to me today to say that the bus engine kicked the bucket.  The crankshaft bearings fused and the engine seized. Tough luck but life happens. We are both nearing 60 and our own “engines” are what they used to be so I wrote to him “I wish we could change our own engine or at least some body parts.” His reaction was great and quite uplifting. “That engine lasted 38 years and had been open once. The engine death has renewed my loyalty, challenged my invincibility and strengthened my resolve to keep my classic running! The engine is Dead…Long live the new engine! It will make all things […]