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December 6, 2019
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Winter Car Care

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Winter keeps on coming. It’s time for preventative winter car care maintenance. It’s better to discover issues with your car now, rather than while on the road dealing with snow & ice. We have some suggestions for you.

Winter Car Care

Winter tires

You will have heard this many times but it really is important and well worth the time/money to switch. Winter tires offer about 50 % more traction than all-seasons.  If they avoid just one fender bender think of the time and cost saved plus no insurance claim. On top of that, the air pressure in all four tires should be checked because, during winter, the pressure in tires can drop significantly due to the cold air. Re-check this a few times throughout the winter months.

Wiper blades

Driving visibility is always key to avoiding accidents and especially more in winter driving. That’s why wiper blades should be checked early in the season and replaced if they streak. Wiper blades should be changed at least twice a year and consider getting special winter wiper blades to prevent snow and ice buildup.

Windshield fluids

Top up your windshield washer fluid with antifreeze mix.


Battery faults can cause breakdowns and happen more often in cold temperatures. The average battery life is generally three to five years. If you’ve had your battery for longer than that and you’re experiencing difficulties with starting your car, it may be time to consider getting a new battery.

Air conditioning system

I bet you never thought about checking your air conditioning system before the winter. Why you may ask? It’s your air conditioning system that defrosts and humidifies the inside of your car. So, if you turn your heat on in the winter and your air conditioning isn’t working properly, it won’t be able to defrost your windows and pull the moisture out of the inside of the car, which will leave a musty odour.


Since there’s less daylight in winter, you will be driving in the dark more. Be sure to fix any bulbs that are out and consider replacing any headlights that are foggy or yellow. Before driving, make sure you clear away any snow covering exterior lights on your car.

Be prepared

Seriously we all need to have an emergency roadside kit with a shovel, a small tool kit, booster cables, blankets, and matches and maybe a container with some sand.

Good luck this winter and if you need affordable vehicle winter storage, give us a call.