Covered Car Storage in Harrisburg Saves you Money
February 15, 2019
Storing Your Car During Winter
February 15, 2019
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Garage Spaces are Better than Normal Self Storage

Garage storage units are low cost compared to Self Storage.  Why? Well, for one thing, the owner’s overheads are lower for rental garages because there is no office at the site and less mechanical maintenance.

Longer access hours. Most self storage limits access to after 7 am and they lock up by 8 pm. Your Harrisburg garage unit is open to you 24 hours day.

More space for less money means you don’t need to sell so much at a garage sale or just give it away. We all need to declutter but we also know that Harrisburg garage sale prices are dirt cheap. So keep it longer until you or your family need that “good stuff”.

Hobby space. Our Harrisburg garage units are big enough to set up a hobby bench or workbench. Have some quiet space away from home to pursue your interests.